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Cooking Workshop

Our cooking workshops are organized, in one of the oldest houses of Marrakech, for all the people who have the desire to learn the secret of the true Moroccan Cuisine, one of the best in the world. 
Our cooking workshops, that are lead by a traditional and professional Moroccan Cook, are always organized in small groups, using simple daily household kitchen utensils, to provide our guests with the best and most practical experience possible.  
Our cooking workshops are generally completed within half a day, which leaves our guests enough time to learn how to prepare an appetizer and an entrée or an entrée and a dessert at their convenience. At the end of each cooking workshop, they will of course be able to enjoy the dishes they have prepared in the 16th century patio or even on the terrace. 

In addition to that, a professional guide will be available if any translation is required during the workshop

Pottery Workshop

Experience a moment of pure bliss and bond with the earth by taking part in one of our pottery workshops!

Your initiation to the traditional Moroccan Pottery will take place in the elegant patio of Dar Cherifa, a building of the Saadian era (16th century).

After a glass of traditional mint tea, the master potter, with the help of a translator, will conduct you on a journey through the history of Moroccan Pottery.

Once you are familiar with the local techniques, materials and tools, the instructor will guides you through a variety of methods to build and decorate your object, you will be able to make something on your own with the assistance of the instructor.

Arabic Calligraphy Workshop 

Calligraphy is the art of drawing words. Since the representation of God’s creatures was forbidden in the Islamic world, Muslims created the artistic discipline of Arabic handwriting and Calligraphy hundreds of centuries ago. Calligraphy was practical instrument used to record literature at first, and it soon established itself as a venerated visual art form that Arabic artists used as a means to express themselves and the environment around them in numerous styles: Diwani, Koufi, Thuluth….

At Dar Cherifa, a 16th century gem,  where the stucco work and wooden panels are interspersed with Arabic calligraphy, you will have the pleasure to discover the techniques of drawing the letters of the visually exquisite Arabic alphabet.

The Calligraphy workshops are available for groups from 2 to 10 people, and lasing from 2 to 4 hours, are lead by a well-known Marrakech calligrapher who’s passionate by Arabic literature. Over a glass of tea you will get to know the tools – pen and ink – and you will learn the different writing techniques.


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