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Marrakech Riad 2022 : an architectural heritage for the world

Marrakech Riad 2022 : an architectural heritage for the world

Going on vacation in Marrakech allows you to enjoy a setting worthy of the tales of a thousand and one nights.

This is particularly the case when you spend time in a riad.

It is a traditional house that is specific to Morocco.

When you walk through the medina, you will only see the facades of the riads.

But behind these big walls, there are architectural treasures.

It is also the ideal housing solution for those who are looking for a little privacy but also freshness during the sunny days in Marrakech

In this article, we will discover all together the beauty of this moroccan architecture and why it is so special !

The layout of the riads

An icon of Moroccan history, riads continue to fascinate the world with their unique charm.

One of the major features of riads is their layout, which is reminiscent of old Berber buildings.

Each room in the house is built around a patio that has a garden, a fountain and plantings.

The rooms all have a single access from the inner courtyard.

Quranic verses refer to the presence of four rivers in Paradise, which is why the gardens are divided into four parts.

Generally speaking, The first part includes a fountain in the middle of the courtyard and the other three parts include trees and plants.

The work in these houses is a work of renovation, respecting to the maximum the forms and the techniques of traditional construction of the riads.

This scrupulous work is accompanied by the most discreet interventions possible to bring in the indispensable elements of modern comfort.

Bathrooms, of course, but also furnishings in accordance with the needs of the essentially Western clients: for the bedrooms, bedding, sheets, pillows, towels, etc., for meals, plates, glasses and cutlery, are the essential concessions to the “international” way of life…

Although in the house, meals can be served on low tables according to the Moroccan tradition.

With walls and fountains, carved wooden ceilings, zelliges that adorn the floor, walls or even tables…

It’s no wonder visitors find Moroccan mosques to be the epitome of Moroccan architecture.


Riads have become a real lifestyle sensation that appeals to Moroccans and foreigners alike.

These traditional houses, located in the heart of the old medina, are very popular with people looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Behind the walls that show the vagaries of time, are real paradises on earth worthy of a thousand and one nights.

These buildings blend perfectly into the traditional decor of the old medina, near the shops and craftsmen.

Traditionally, a riad is a dwelling that is based on an open courtyard that allows to take advantage of a natural sunshine.

It can be decorated with a fountain or a pool and usually has a lot of vegetation to bring freshness and greenery.

The roof of the riad has a balcony which also serves as a a glass-enclosed porch or room for sunbathing.

All the other rooms of the riad are turned towards the courtyard, a sort of green and luminous setting.

A few alcoves (bhou) surround it and allow to be cool and shaded when the sun and heat are present.

The riad is most often composed of one or more floors that house the rooms, places of rest from which emanates a feeling of well-being.

Neverthless, Today, a number of riads are being modernized while combining the charm of the past with current comfort.

These residences keep all the intimacy of their inhabitants and offer them a convivial space where it is pleasant to spend time.

The private riads respect the main lines of this Moroccan architecture.

They allow our guests to enjoy an exotic stay and discover the Moroccan expertise.

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